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LearnEnglish.efonfire is a multi-level English language program for all ages. Each course is compiled, designed and arranged according to the English level of the learner.

Choose Your Language Theme

Every lesson is a specific language theme. A theme develops your English vocabulary, grammar, spelling and communicative skills around a topic.

Our Lessons Feature:

Short dialogue or song English videos, English vocabulary, grammar and sentences videos, English games to review every lesson and English level tests by topic

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All learning is tracked on our learning management system (LMS), enabling us to monitor the learners’ progress.
Studies show that learning English online in a blended learning approach produces better results.

Packages & Prices

Very affordable rate that fits your needs

All classes are 25 minutes one-one-one live audio or video classes. You may have 50 minute one-on-one sessions. All you have to do is to order twice

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5 Lessons

$3 per lesson

Renews Monthly

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10 Lessons

$2.5 per lesson

Renews Monthly

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20 Lessons

$2.25 per lesson

Renews Monthly

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Unlimited Lessons

$1.83 per lesson

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