Food around the world

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Today, we will learn about foods from other countries.

Eating is the best part of the day for some people And everyone has to eat in order to live.

Before we start, let's think about the question, "How much do you know about food in different countries?"

People in different countries cook various kinds of food.

Their cuisines are influenced heavily geographically and the kind of climate they have.

South Koreans love to have pickles on their dishes.

Thai's enjoy spicy food. Their curries can be really spicy.

The Japanese prefer having raw food and seafood.

Italians love to  have pizza and pasta in every meal

The British love fish and chips.

Hot dogs and fast food are American's traditional food. Some Americans have sandwich and coffee for lunch.

Most Europeans have nutritious breakfast such as wheat bread, Juice, milk, and bacon.

Okay. so, in this episode, we learned about foods from around the world.


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