The most effective method for you to be more fluent in English in three months for just spending a couple of minutes a day

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In this lesson, I'm going to talk about a method that you can follow for you to be more fluent in English by spending a few minutes a day.


I can say that this technique works because I've seen the results of the people who have used this technique and so I am sharing this to you because I know that many of you are struggling to be fluent in English. Your English fluency will greatly be improved if you follow this strategy.


This technique is a kind of fluency game based on a show that airs on BBC Radio. This game has three stages.

Here's how to play it.


On the first stage, you are going to talk about a topic for one minute without any preparation. You can pick a question such as, what do you like about your hometown or you can pick any topic such as vacation, sports, movies, hobbies, friends, cooking, family and etc.


After you have chosen a topic, you start speaking. In your impromptu speech, there are rules you need to follow.


The first one is that, you should not stop speaking. Stop only when you reach the one minute mark. You can pause during your speech but you should not pause for longer than 3 seconds. Just don't stop talking even if you say something unrelated to the topic or something that is not meaningful. Just keep on talking.


So that's the first rule.


The second rule is that you can't say something that you have already said. It means that you don't say an idea that you have mention already again and again. So don't repeat the same ideas.


And the third rule is that you cannot make any preparations in a form of writing before you speak and while you are speaking. Just focus on speaking.

So these are the rules that you must follow. For you to know that you have reached the one minute mark, use  the timer on your smartphone. You start speaking right after you hit the start button of the timer and stop once you made it to one minute.


Now we're going to move on to the next stage.

This is the stage where we are going to develop your fluency.

The first thing you are going to do in this stage is notetaking. So you need to have a piece of paper and a pen.


As you take down notes, remember the ideas of the speech you have just given. You get them and the new ideas you have come up with. Write them down on a piece of paper as your notes.


In this stage, you are going to speak again about the topic you have talked about but now, you are going to use your notes as your guide. As you do this one, you will be more fluent since you have your notes with you. With your notes, you will be able to expand your response and you will be able to think of what to say as you have a guide. By the time you hit one minute, then you can stop speaking.


And let's move on now to the final stage. In this stage, it is similar to the second stage but you are going to add more ideas to your notes from your second speech. Once you have done this, you are going to speak again once and for all. This will be your final speech.


So set your timer again for one minute, use your notes and then you start speaking. Once you hit the one minute mark, you can stop or feel free to continue if you feel like talking more. As your fluency improves, try to increase your time by one minute until you reach the 5 minute mark.


Before I end this lesson, I have one suggestion for you to do which is really helpful in your fluency journey if you are really serious in improving your spoken English. Before you deliver your third speech during the third stage, record yourself. In this way, you will be able to identify the  things you need to improve and you can check yourself how much you have improved after a few weeks or months. Believe me, this is really great to improve your speaking skills.


By doing all of these stages, you will be more fluent in English just by doing this every day for a couple of minutes .

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